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Complete Web Marketing Solutions for Truly Small Businesses

Website Maintenance and SEO for Truly Small Businesses

Website Maintenance and SEOComplete Website Maintenance and SEO, Web Design, Web Development, GeoMarketing and Search Engine Optimization for the Truly Small Business

TSB Complete is a comprehensive set of services, put together by Coburn Enterprises, that help small businesses compete in today’s complex, technology driven market. From website development to print marketing and branding solutions, the Coburn Enterprises TSB Complete packages are designed to provide your small business the resources once only available to large companies with large budgets and in-house marketing teams. Whether your target market is local or national, we know what you need to do to grow your business!

If you are looking for:

  • Help creating a successful, search engine optimized website that your customers and potential customers will be able to find on the web
  • A website rebuild or clean up
  • Someone to help you understand how to use the web more effectively
  • A company to guide you through the many opportunities you get called about every day such as:
    • Reputation Managment
    • SEO (search eninge optimization)
    • Pay Per Click Advertising
    • Online directories and specialty websites
    • Coupon sites and other web based advertising solutions
    • Social Media advertising
    • Local Listings
    • Inbound Link Building

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Coburn Enterprises specializes in helping Truly Small Businesses make the right decisions about their marketing dollars. We don’t just help you determine where to spend your website marketing dollars but we work with you to insure that you manage your “off-site” marketing in conjunction with your web based marketing.

In this era of constantly changing marketing opportunities, we help our clients decide where to invest not only their money, but their time!

We know how hard earned every dollar is, we also know how valuable and irreplaceable every minute is.

With so many potential avenues for spending time and money, it is hard to know which ones to follow.

We believe that you should do nothing on the web if you have not built a solid foundation (Search Engine Optimized and content rich) website of your own first.

If you build your business on Facebook, Pinterest, Yellow Pages, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter or any of the 1000s of other “social media” platforms available on any given day, you are really building another company’s business and leaving yourself vulnerable to their business decisions. What if Facebook decides to start charging a fee for that “page” you put up and have encouraged 100s of customers to find you on? It can (and probably will) happen!

We build websites that allow you to interact with your customers and potential customers directly. We build websites that allow you to make simple content edits yourself (if you are willing to learn how). We encourage you to develop your own, targeted “social network” by engaging your audience through your own (included in your website) “blog” and leveraging the tools we have to offer to make it easier than ever to update your website, Facebook and Google+ right from your phone!

Who knows the needs of your customers and potential customers better than you?

Use your website to keep in touch with them. (Our websites include subscription and email tools).

We do not offer our services for free, but we do work hard to offer levels that even the newest, smallest business can afford and get a return on investment from quickly.

Want to know more?

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