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Complete Web Marketing Solutions for Truly Small Businesses

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We are sorry you’ve reached this very incomplete page on our website. The good news is we are creating very successful websites for our clients. The bad news is, our success has resulted in a need to redefine our service offerings in order to keep up with the demand..

The only product we are actively taking orders for on our website is our very popular Truly Small Business Complete packages. Below you will find an overview of what these packages offer. If you are looking for more traditional website development or support please contact us and we will happily talk to you about your specific needs.

About TSB Complete

A Complete Website Design, Management and Marketing Program for Today’s Truly Small Business (TSB)

We do the work to get you in front of the people you need to be in front of so you can grow your business!

In today’s highly competitive web marketing world, a well maintained website is critical to your success. But there is so much more involved in successfully connecting with your customers today than just having a pretty website!

Consumers and businesses in the United States (and most developed countries) have made an obvious swing toward using the web to find and research products, services and solutions when they need them.

This has created a double edged sword for today’s “Mom & Pop” or “Truly Small” Business. On the one side, it is now possible for Joe Anybody to create a successful company from nothing with minimum capital investment. On the other side, it requires Joe Anybody to understand and manage these opportunities effectively and efficiently.

Coburn Enterprises (under their original brand SiteBuilder Now) saw this opportunity and the need for resources for the Truly Small Businesses trying to compete on the internet before AOL Dial Up became a distant memory.

We started by offering web-based tools that allowed anyone with a computer and internet connection to build a website – no coding skills required. In those early days, our customers “won” the internet marketing game by simply having a presence and insuring that their website had a few key words placed in a few strategic places.

That was in 2001. Many of our original customers are still benefiting from those early insights – because being the “first” in anything usually gives you an edge. But, even for those customers, the competition is creeping up on them.

In today’s marketplace:

  • A company has to be fully engaged with their website and overall marketing strategies to continue to leverage the internet and grow their business.
  • Companies need to know how their website works in conjunction with their other marketing strategies.
  • Being on page one in a Google search is useless if your target market doesn’t have a computer.
  • Running an ad in another medium such as a newspaper or magazine and not having a website presence is like running your ad and not having someone there to answer the phone or open the door when the customer calls or comes by!

Studies show that most potential customers, no matter how they initially hear about you, will look to your website for more detailed information before contacting your organization. Even potential customers that do not own a computer may contact a relative or friend that does and ask them to find out more.

Coburn Enterprises’ founder, Harmony Coburn, offers her 30+ years of sales and marketing experience, which includes hands on experience with print and other advertising mediums long before the internet existed, to make the internet TSB (Truly Small Business) friendly.

Our products and services are constantly evolving to ensure we are delivering the right solutions to the Truly Small Businesses that are relying on us for their website presence and marketing strategy.

In an effort to ensure we can deliver “tangible return on investment” we track your results based on keywords and web traffic analytics. This allows us to quantify our efforts.

What we are really providing our customers is access to a marketing department that always considers what is in your best interest.

The official definition of Marketing, from the American Marketing Association is:

“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

The Coburn Enterprises definition of Marketing is:

Doing the work to get you in front of the people you need to be in front of so you can focus on your own expertise and grow your business!”

When you purchase TSB Complete from Coburn Enterprises you are getting the benefits of a highly skilled sales and marketing team without the associated costs of hiring employees.

Because we are very successful at what we do,


For example, if you are a restaurant in Olympia WA we will not contract with a second restaurant in Olympia WA without first consulting with you to determine if this would be a conflict of interest or possibly a complimentary relationship[1].

  • Tangible task lists guide our efforts but the daily activities we perform vary based on your immediate needs.
  • We believe in full disclosure! You are given access to your custom project portal to gain visibility to what we are working on for you at any given moment.
  • Understand the objectives and the challenges

TSB Complete Package


  1. Discovery (we have to know where we are and what we want to accomplish before we set out on our journey)
  • Establish the best starting point
  1. Base reports and analysis (where are we now in relation to where we want to go? Do we need a new website or can we improve the original?)
  2. Set up the toolbox (In order to manage your marketing business we need certain tools in place such as an Analytics account, and our plan of attack- your customized project)
  • Build the foundation
  1. Update your existing website to include up to 3 keyword optimized pages (based on the results of our analysis and consultation phase) OR develop a new Foundation Website**.
  2. Set up major inbound links (sites written about or linked to by Coburn Enterprises are easily found)
  3. Claim your public profiles (Directories, Facebook and Twitter  for example)
  4. Create a mobile optimized website (according to a recent PEW survey,Eighty-eight percent of adults in the U.S. owned a cellphone as of April 2012, and 55 percent of those cellphone users accessed the Internet with their phones)
  5. Set up a QR code (optional)
  6. Post-A-Review custom link to your Google Places page
  7. Request reviews/testimonials postcard template
  • Go beyond the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  1. Perform recurring content management and website maintenance (content added on your website as well as posts on other websites to lead traffic to yours).

Foundation Website

Custom Design:

ü  Colors and graphics to compliment your existing brand/logo*

ü  Up to 3 custom “call to action” buttons or graphic embellishments

ü  Preparation and placement of up to 15 images provided by the client or the purchase and placement of up to 10 stock images.

*Custom logo and branding development is available starting at $650.00. Please request a separate quote if you would like us to develop your logo and custom branding elements.

Website Pages:

ü  Home

ü  Our products (or services)

ü  Who we are (about us)

ü  3 keyword rich content pages focused on your top 3 keyword phrases (based on the analysis we will do and share with you prior to starting development)

ü  Testimonials

ü  Submit your testimonial

ü  Contact us with a simple contact us form***

ü  Privacy Statement

ü  Terms of Use


ü  1 slideshow containing up to 5 images/slides*

ü  Subscribe to our blog by email

ü  Basic content editing access  for the site owner

ü  Owners “Blog” (optional)

*Additional slideshows may be purchased at the rate of $50.00 for set up plus $10 per slide.

**One additional page (a page consists of up to 2000 words plus one image no forms or other special effects) can be added each week, however requests for specific pages may postpone Coburn Enterprises being able to move into SEO/SEM specific content development and other marketing tasks being performed (on-site and off-site content development, local listings, Social Media Monitoring). If you prefer, you may request pages be developed outside of the TSB Scope of work and pay a one-time fee of $150 per page. In the event that you request additional pages at $150.00 each, we will add the page(s) to your task list and let you know when you can expect it to be completed (generally within 2 weeks).

***A simple contact us form includes input fields for Name, email, address, phone, One dropdown “pick list”, departmental routing for email delivery and a text field for the visitor to type their comments or questions. Additional or more complex forms will be billed based on actual time at $65.00 per hour..


All packages include:

ü  Hosting and software maintenance on our servers

ü  Transfer of an existing website or development of a new Foundation Website

ü  A mobile website hosted on our servers

ü  Email for up to 5 users at your domain hosted on our servers

ü  Advanced spam filtering

Fees are based on the estimated number of hours required to meet the objectives. Your results will vary depending on the nature and competition of your target market and keyword phrases. It is our job to insure we invest your dollars in the most effective and practical way each month[i]. These packages are based on the minimum time we know we need to spend on your website each week in order to get you results. The larger your target market and the more competition you have the slower your results will develop but you will see results!

3 Tier Pricing Options

1. TSB Complete Local (Cities or regional markets under 250,000 population):

 ?$325.00 per month

 Approximately 5-6 hours per month once the foundation is built (this is the equivalent of 1 on site article and one off site article each week).


2. TSB Complete Metro (Major cities or regional market over 250, 000 population):
?$500.00 per month

 Approximately 8 hours per month once the foundation is built (this is the equivalent of 2 on site articles and one off site article each week).


3. TSB Complete National (One product or product category and demographic group):
?$1000.00 per month

Approximately 15-16 hours per month once the foundation is built (this is the equivalent of 3 on site articles and 2 off site articles each week).

I’m ready… sign me up!

[1] When you become a TSB Complete client of Coburn Enterprises you become part of a larger community of Truly Small Businesses. We leverage this community to create complimentary links and support each other – similar to a networking group you might join in your local community.

[i] Sometimes our client’s need us to provide services not specifically related to website maintenance and search engine optimization. For example, the client may need us to attend meetings with them or handle phone calls with outside vendors to help them determine the value of other marketing opportunities. Another month the client might need us to prepare some additional marketing materials for a special promotion. We manage our time in a manner that insures that the client gets the most out of their monthly investment.


On occasion the client may actually need technical support. Normally this would fall into additional billable time. However, we will work with the client to help them stay within their monthly budget. Examples of this could be a need to set up a new email or contact relationship management system or help them with other technology support that falls under our umbrella. When these needs arise, we will discuss the options with the client and they will be given the option of being billed for additional time or having us refocus our efforts for that month to the special project.