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Lodging Yellowstone National Park

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Lodging Yellowstone National park is a very competitive keyword phrase. Our client, Luton’s Teton Cabins, wants to be on page one search results for this keyword phrase as well as the keyword phrase Cabins Yellowstone National Park. Well, as of the writing of this article we are almost there. Using proven strategies, that included and proper website development, we are making excellent progress. At this writing we are on page one in Google results for Cabins Yellowstone National Park and page two for Lodging Yellowstone National Park.

Website content, using keywords appropriately, continues to be the number… Continue reading

Chicago Divorce Attorney

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If you find yourself in the difficult position of needing a Divorce Attorney in Chicago . . .

Chicago divorce attorney Belle Gordon is the best choice. Belle Gordon brings years of family law experience to the counties of Cook, Lake and DuPage. Her practice of excellence and experience with affluent familes makes her the perfect choice when you want to reach the best possible resolution to a difficult situation.

Divorce lawyers in Chicago must posess a thorough understanding of the legal system. Belle Lind Gordon has handled hundreds of uncontested and contested divorces and family law cases. She uses this… Continue reading

Self Storage in Ft Worth TX

Untitled document If you’ve ever thought self storage was just mini storage we’ve got a surprise for you! Self Storage in Ft. Worth TX means Maximum Storage, Maximum Service and Maximum Satisfaction if you choose Eagle Self Storage! We started working with Eagle Self Storage in the summer of 2011 when their Yellow Pages rep started pressuring them to maintain their expensive YP ads. We had already done some great work for one of their other companies so we were pleased when they gave us a shot at helping them move their storage facility to page one ranking in Google.… Continue reading

Adult Family Homes, Memory Care & Senior Living Consulting

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A Caring Heart offers a free to clients senior housing referral service in Vancouver, Clark County, Washington. They help families looking for help with decisions about Adult Family Homes, Memory Care, Alzheimer’s Care and other Assisted Living needs.

After spending a lot of money on traditional advertising resources like Yellow Page ads, Kathy MClaughlin and her marketing director decided to consult with us. We helped them to analyze the return on investment of that type of advertising. After analysis, it was clear how much more they would gain if they invested even half of that budget into getting their… Continue reading