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Managing Your Blog Posts

If your website included a blogging system, you will need to login to see the blog management menu:


After you are logged in as an administrator a new menu will appear:


Click the “Manage Blog” link and you will see the following screen – you can edit existing blogs by clicking on their title.


To create a new post click the New Entry tab – the only required fields are the title and your text.


If you have opted to accept commenting on your blog please view our Managing Comments tutorial.

Happy Blogging!

Managing Comments (if enabled)

If your website has a commenting system installed we will have set it to require all comments are reviewed prior to publication. We do this to eliminate the nasty comment spammers that try to use comment systems for their own evil purposes. When a comment is posted on your site you will get an email to quickly publish or delete the post.


If you would like to edit the post you will need to log in to your Administrator control panel and go to the Manage Comments section of your admin area:


You can click on the comment title to… Continue reading

Preparing Your Images for the Web

picnikWhen you are managing the content you your own website it is important to maintain the integrity of the website to make sure that your website visitors do not get frustrated and leave before taking action. One major cause of visitors leaving a website is slow loading pages. When working on the content in your website, remember that not all visitors have super fast high-speed Internet connections!

Another concern with websites is the amount of disk storage space you have – in today’s web hosting environment this is not usually a major issue but why waste space? Uploading pictures or… Continue reading

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