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Pet Care Services in Portland OR

Pet care services in Portland ORPet care services in Portland OR – meeting the needs of busy professionals

One of our clients, http://bellyrubpetservices.com, has tapped into a smart niche for today’s pet focused “moms and dads”.

Pet care services in Portland OR have become almost as important (to some more important) as childcare services. Windy Holt, was a busy professional working in the corporate world herself prior to launching BellyRub Pet Services. Her experience as a professional required to work long hours and travel frequently caused her to see the need for more professional pet care service offerings in the Portland metro area.

Beyond Doggy Daycare…

BellyRub Pets meets a variety of needs for families that have pets including:

We are excited to be a part of the BellyRub Pets team and look forward to watching their business blossom!