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Complete Web Marketing Solutions for Truly Small Businesses

What it Takes to Own a Successful Website

In a perfect world every business could hire a team of experts to work full time on their website and meet all of these objectives. But Truly Small Businesses don’t operate in a perfect world. We have limited resources from every perspective. Coburn Enterprises has worked hard to develop solutions that are more accessible to the Truly Small Business than most agencies with our expertise will ever offer.

Let’s start with the “Pieces”

What hasn’t changed since we started “building websites” in 2001?

If you chose to have a website you needed to:

  • Have complete ownership, access and control of your company’s data (domain name, databases, web content).
  • Have an email address at your business domain – even if you like to get your email at Yahoo or Gmail – the email address should promote your website (you@yourbusiness.com)
  • Know who your target audience is and how they use the web.
  • Stand out in the crowd.
  • Know what makes your company the best choice in your market.

What has changed in the last few years:

You must:

  • Have a website. How complex or expensive depends on your objectives.
  • Keep your website active (new content).
  • Be “mobile friendly”.
  • Optimize for every keyword phrase someone might use to find the solutions or products you offer.
  • Search Engines have improved – the person searching doesn’t have to put the words together just right anymore – “conversational search” is the new “algorithm”.
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Use Social Media and not let Social Media use you

There are no shortcuts to having a successful web presence. However, there are different approaches for each business model.

For some companies, like restaurants and service companies, the website will support other marketing efforts. Off site SEO and reputation management may be as important or more important than page one results for the website itself. If your business relies on reviews and being in a convenient location then what you do with social media and local listings will be as critical as having a website that makes the customer choose your business when they find it through other online sources.

For other businesses, getting your primary website on page one for as many keyword phrases as you can imagine your market using is going to generate the most return on investment.

For most businesses a combination of both is going to be required.

In order to help you invest your money wisely we have created unique, yet complimentary, product sets. Each TSB product set addresses a different piece of the Web Marketing Puzzle. To help you determine your needs we have created a detailed overview of each product set on a separate page. Click the Learn More link to get the details.

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