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Adult Family Homes, Memory Care & Senior Living Consulting

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A Caring Heart offers a free to clients senior housing referral service in Vancouver, Clark County, Washington. They help families looking for help with decisions about Adult Family Homes, Memory Care, Alzheimer’s Care and other Assisted Living needs.

After spending a lot of money on traditional advertising resources like Yellow Page ads, Kathy MClaughlin and her marketing director decided to consult with us. We helped them to analyze the return on investment of that type of advertising. After analysis, it was clear how much more they would gain if they invested even half of that budget into getting their website search engine optimized (so that the search engines listed them at the top of search results for their keyword phrases} and leveraged social media tools to drive more traffic to their website. A search engine optimized website helps potential clients find services and learn how a company can help them. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making sure that the content on your website is written properly and placed in all of the right places so that the search engines know your website will help their customer (the person searching).

Making a decision about a family member that needs to move to an assisted living setting can be very stressful. A Caring Heart has helped many families reduce the anxiety associated with this process while helping them to insure their loved ones are in the proper Adult Family Home, Assisted Living Facility, Alzheimer’s Care or Memory Care Facility in Vancouver or Clark County Washington.