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Lodging Yellowstone National Park

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Lodging Yellowstone National park is a very competitive keyword phrase. Our client, Luton’s Teton Cabins, wants to be on page one search results for this keyword phrase as well as the keyword phrase Cabins Yellowstone National Park. Well, as of the writing of this article we are almost there. Using proven strategies, that included and proper website development, we are making excellent progress. At this writing we are on page one in Google results for Cabins Yellowstone National Park and page two for Lodging Yellowstone National Park.

Website content, using keywords appropriately, continues to be the number one tool for getting our clients the page one search positions they desire. However, on site content can no longer stand alone. We also help our clients claim their top local listings and optimize those as well.

A properly optimized website and local listings creates a solid foundation for advanced search engine marketing. Once the foundation is poured it is important to continue to grow your web presence by leveraging other resources, such as social media, to drive quality inbound links to your website. We strongly discourage our clients from building their web presence on these types of websites. Instead, we encourage our clients to create a website that encourages their customers and potential customers to interact with them directly and then use social media to invite them!

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